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  • Night vision RC GREEN LIGHT Bar


    Hands down the brightest Green light on the trail! You will light the trail above all others with this 

    100% brand new and high quality led light bar. 

    One continuous strip of light. 

    Featuring High powered aluminum led housing with the light bar 5.7 inches super bright Green Light. 

    Universal slim design fits most RC's

    Low power consumption and Waterproof

    Comes with a Built-in Fuse to protect your electronics. 

    Enhance lighting bar for your Rc in rainy, foggy days or best for night use. 

    Full complete Aluminum housing provides better heat dissipation. 

    Easy to install with your own 3mm hardware. 

    Voltage: DC 11.1v

    Overload voltage: DC 18V 

    Work time: 1000 hours

    Light color: Pure Green

    Light size: 145mm x 17mm x 5mm/5.7 x 0.7 

    Runs off 3 cell lipo battery 

    Simple Pin connectors supplied to plug into the balance port off your 3s lipo. 

    Take Two their small and you know your friends are gonna ask where you got it

    Night Vision green