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How We Got Started

Like you we started with a Controller in our hands...

Going to our local track and stocking parts from the local hobby store for the one machine I had was how my bug started. 

If you have bought your first RC you know its not really enough, soon I had OnetoomanyRCs literally. 

Needing more room to play I soon found my time at the local RC track to be many many days during the summer. Little did I know that there was no management in place, after reaching out to the Track I found myself involved with running it.

With more time spent here at the Track lighting for my RC needed to be addressed.  
My work history of Mechanical and Electrical trades helped put together some LEDs for my rigs and I ended up with the Production and design of the LEDs and the housings you see on our page. 


As a enthusiast I test all the gear as well have drivers bash them regularly before being released and was tired of replacing my $50 light bar every season due to burnt out LED'S or water damage.

As with all good things they come from a need and my need was to buy a quality product at a decent price that gave me what I wanted, LIGHT!

Producing each light ensures you receive the best quality and the brightest light. We are working on new designs and products all the time and to keep updated sign up, or follow us on Facebook.

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We ship worldwide and drop ship many of our products from within your own country. Using fulfillment partners across the globe. 
Our prices are listed in US funds.

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