• SCX10 Spool Locker

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    (1) Locker w/ Bearings
    This hardened steel axle spool is great for your Axial and Wheely King based vehicles 
    1 oz spools are sure to get you through the toughest trails!

    Replace your wimpy stock "lockers" and plastic differential assembly with our one piece Spool 

    These spools are designed to offer the tightest fit possible with stock and aftermarket axle shafts. 
    Our tests have shown that some shafts will require slight force on them to go in and out a few times. Other shafts may require a bit of force to get the tang to comply (a light press fit or light polishing is not uncommon). 
    Also note that you will need to remove any standoffs that may be on your ring gear. 

    This "fitting" process is due to the variances among manufacturer measurements, tolerances, etc. This is the only way we are able to make these spools work with no slop for all the various shafts out there. Because of this, we suggest you test fit your axle shafts outside of the axle prior to final assembly. 

    Spools are sold individually (1) and include M2 hardware.

    Tested to fit:
    HPI Wheely King
    Axial SCX10
    Axial Wraith
    Axial AX10
    Axial Yeti

    The center slot is created in a single machining operation to ensure "In Phase" outputs.