• Scx10.2 HD Steel Bevel Gear Set - 28t/8t OVERDRIVE


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    These SCX10 II Steel Heavy Duty AR44 Helical Tooth Ring & Pinion Gears are a great option for anyone looking to overdrive the front end of the truck. 

    HD 8T/28T OVERDRIVE gear set for Axial SCX10 II AR44 

    Total Hardening heat treatment, HRC50

    • Improved gear mesh reduces drive train slop

    • High pinion design

    • Only compatible with  Axial SCX10 II 

    •Modified 0.1% Titanium steel, total hardening heat treatment, hardness HRC50, 

    Compared to the stock 30T/8T gear set, this gear will provide a subtle overdrive to the front wheels that would be similar to running the 36/14 overdrive in the front with the standard 38/13 gears in the rear in an AR60 style axle. These can be used in the rear axle as well, but will create a slightly taller gear ratio and increase the top end speed of the truck with a reduction in low end torque.