• HeyOK Performance Lighting Switch


    Remote Switch for LED Lighting 

    These products will let you turn your rig's lighting on and off from a channel on your remote control. 

    If your lighting gets its power by plugging into your receiver, just plug this Remote Switch into the receiver first, then plug your lighting into it. Then you can flip your lights on and off from your transmitter! 

    The output devices used in these controllers are capable of more than 10 amps, but that is way more than the wires are able to pass. Keep the total current well below 10 amps to avoid trouble. 

    There are several options with this item.

    Choose the Power Option:

    Receiver Powered 

     - These controllers will send power from the receiver to your lighting.

    External powered ($4 Increase)

     - Want to run a different voltage to your load?  Select the External Power version and you can run power from a separate battery pack to light up your lights. 

    Choose the Controller Version:


    - The simplest form of the controller turns the power on and off for a single lighting circuit. This works on a two position or linear channel.

    Comes ready to use.

    Ships regular mail service, if you want tracking please select express.